maggie ty

  “Everyone in the office has gone beyond what could ever be expected!  Denise is so very pleasant and was amazing at coordinating scheduling issues, she is unflappable and very informed about all aspects of my treatments.  Dr. Schuberth and the techs are top notch!  Lots of helpful information, gentle, and great listeners.  They made my teeth just the way they should be!  I cannot properly express my delight or my appreciation.  I will recommend this office to everyone!  Look out!  Lots of geriatrics will be knocking at your door!”

  –Nancy D.

“Thanks so much to each member of the staff who took part in caring for Finn, Eliza, and Emma for the past 10+ years!  We truly appreciate the kindness with which we were consistently treated, even when 1 or the other of us failed to show up for a scheduled appointment.

   My kids’ smiles are beautiful, and we are so grateful to have had access to such high quality care for each of them.  I must say that earning a bag of sweet and crunchy sweets delighted each of them at the end of their journey with braces! 

   I’d like you to know that I couldn’t help but smile when I received a thank you note in the mail from Finn today.  What a great idea to have him sit down and write that while he was in your office!

   I have often recommended Schuberth Orthodontics, and will continue to do so.  If there is anything I can do to better support your work, please let me know.”

   —Patti H.

  “As you know, Ben is our 5th child.  We do have experience on this one!  The older 4 have been to Dr. Gary Schuberth in Barrington, just north of the train station.  He is very patient, wise, and experienced (about 55 years old).  He is very current on all the newest technology, appliances.  We have had the full gamut of ordinary braces, head gear, and special appliances depending on what each child needed.  Sorry, I don’t know how his prices compare, I think it is probably market but truthfully we never considered the orthodontia to be a price purchase, since in the growth stage of the child, this is hopefully a once in a lifetime purchase.  

   We are absolutely delighted in the quality of the results, which have lasted beautifully for our almost 22 year old and on down. Our children like him, and the staff is very easy to work with any schedule issue, from routine to unplanned like when a brace slips off (urgent).  We know many dozens of children who are patients of Dr. Schuberth, and in all these years we have never heard a complaint from any patient or family, ever.  Wow, don’t know many professionals we can say that about!

   So I guess this is a laser referral, we highly recommend Dr. Schuberth, and do so without qualification.  Ben will be there some day, we are sure.”  

   –Mary and Bill G.

  “Thank you for all of your time and effort to care for our family’s orthodontic health.  Thomas and Natalie’s teeth look great and we are very pleased with the friendliness and attentiveness of your staff.  That, together with the close proximity to our family school makes your practice the perfect choice.”

   –Mary S.

  “The Warman Family would like to thank all the staff at Schuberth Orthodontics.  Everyone there makes the office friendly, warm and inviting.  We have had such a great experience and it is all because of the wonderful staff.  Truly this staff is just the nicest!  We give Schuberth Orthodontics our highest recommendation because of the exceptional  staff.  Thank you!”

   –Sharon W.

  “In this impersonal world, Dr. Schuberth and his staff are an anomaly in that his office is like a ‘doctor office oasis’.  Everyone is kind and approachable.  It feels like we have known everyone for forever.  

   Appointments are enjoyable (at least for me – my teeth don’t hurt when I leave) and I trust Dr. Schuberth’s work implicitly as well as his exceptionally trained staff.  Appointments are always started and completed in a timely manner […] the staff is so thorough and helpful.  

  I would highly recommend your office to anyone.  In fact, I have quite a few times.”

   –Peggy H.

  “I find Dr. Schuberth to be extremely nice with kids.  I love how the office showcases smiles and has a drawing for prizes.  [My daughter] gets really excited about that.  All of our appointments have been on time and finished in the time that we were told, if not sooner.

   All of the staff are so friendly.  Whenever we arrive we are greeted by smiles and friendly words.  I also really appreciate how at the end of the appointment a nurse brings [my daughter] out and lets me know what was done and what we need to do in the upcoming weeks.

   I would definitely recommend your office to friends and family.”

   —Donna M.

  “Dear Dr. Schuberth, I wanted to write to you and tell you what a great experience we had with you, and your entire staff over the past 2 years.  Our daughter now has a beautiful smile thanks to you!  Everyone was very professional and Denise is an exceptional person and made the entire process run smoothly.  We can’t thank you enough.  We would highly recommend you for anyone looking for an orthodontist.  Thanks again.

   —Sevan & Kathy B.

   “All of the staff is amazing.  Denise is wonderful and makes the office extra special.  We will always recommend your office to friends.

   I was impressed with the time Dr. Schuberth gave to me to discuss [my children’s] treatment plans.  Other offices have their staff do this and I feel that’s not personal enough when you are considering treatment.  Also, appointment times are run very efficiently. There is also lots of flexibility with appointment times.

   –Jill S.

The staff is very friendly and concerned with patient care.  I would rate the team (including the Dr.) as the best team across all doctors that I have dealt with.  On a couple of occasions you have worked very hard to get me in early    in the morning before my train and that was greatly appreciated.  I would [recommend your office to other potential patients].”

   —Dave D.

  “Dr. Schuberth’s office and way of working with patients is unique because it is completely non-intimidating.  My three daughters went for their appointments with Dr. Schuberth for years, often just running over after school when I would not even have to be at the appointment with them.  As an adult patient, I have also found that everything about Dr. Schuberth’s way of working with patients makes me feel comfortable.  Everything is always very ‘low-key,’ never stressful and always as relaxed as it could be.  The staff also contributes to this feeling.

   Appointments are ALWAYS started and completed in a timely manner.  In my 18 months of treatment, I don’t think I ever waited in the waiting room even once.  When I arrived on time, I was always taken right in to start my appointment.     

   The staff always makes me feel comfortable.  Every single person who works at Dr. Schuberth’s office seems happy to be there and enjoying their jobs.  This makes the patients feel more at ease and happy to be there as well.  There have been times when I have had to call to cancel or change an appointment, and my requests have always been accommodated, and always with a smile.

   I would definitely recommend Dr. Schuberth to my friends (and I already have!)”

   –Chris B.

  “We would not hesitate recommending Schuberth Orthodontics.  All of our appointments were on time, well managed and the entire staff is extremely welcoming, warm and accommodating.  The little contests and drawings make each visit one that your child actually looks forward to, which is sort of a mental contradiction for any type of doctor visit.  In fact, after our last visit, as we got into the car, my 10 year old said, “You know Denise… she’s REALLY nice”, so your young patients notice these things also.”

   —Wendy N.

  “You are all very patient and understanding.  My kids had a hard time accepting ‘the braces’ and you all helped us through it.  Denise is always smiling and welcoming.  Definitely [would recommend your office to other potential patients].  It is wonderful.”

   —Esther C.

  “We think you are the best!  I have nothing negative to tell you.  Your team is friendly and professional.  Keep doing what you’re doing!  The location is great as well.”

   —Christine A.